Sphere at Studio SoHy (Image by Bronwyn King)

Photograph by Bronwyn King

A selection of handmade prints made by members of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, MD will be on display at Vigilante Coffee, sponsored by Studio SoHy. This exhibition is in conjunction with the Second Bi Annual Printmaking Symposium held at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center on November 14th. Show Ends December 1st.

Participating Artists

  • Gretchen Schermerhorn
  • Melissa Ezelle
  • Nic Jenkins
  • Dave Miller
  • Kristina King
  • Morgan Ward
  • Jake Muirhead
  • Chelsae Blackman
  • Barbara Neu
  • Emma Ringness
  • Anne Becher
  • Lauren Emeritz
  • Amy Billingham
  • Rebecca Katz
  • Micah Beard

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