Don't let the weather bring you down. We have a massive tent and a large indoor space to keep you warm and dry. All the bands are on and Franklin's brewery is setting up the beer garden as you read this. Plus we hung some amazing art over the past few days for your enjoyment and patronage.

Check out Frida Larios' piece, "The Green Maya Cycle" puts forth a unique perspective on the cycle. She creates bold and bright forms based upon Mayan hieroglyphics. She has created an entire body of work entitled, "The New Maya Language" which depicts her bold and colorful interpretation of the ancient hieroglyphs. 

The Green Maya Cycle

Opening Reception for the Studio SoHy Cyclo Show is Saturday, October 3 from 5-10 pm, featuring local DC Metro artists creating cycle inspired art. Get your tickets now (only $5).

Eventbrite - SoHy Cyclo Show

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