MasPaz (Federico Frum) was born in Bogota, Colombia, adopted to an American family, and raised in Washington, DC. In his home, his mother hung Colombian tapestries. Their bold lines and vibrant shapes fascinated him. They give him a closer understanding to his Colombian roots and ancestors. His Latin American heritage plays a huge role in his art today. 

Graffiti taught MasPaz the power of typography and color. With words he could convey a message. Why not a positive message? The message Mas Paz, meaning More Peace clicked. With whatever paint material that is accessible MasPaz will create to spread his message. He also enjoys working with projection, stencil, sticker and wheat paste. 

MasPaz travels internationally spreading his message of peace to countries such as Brazil, Australia, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Jamaica. He has exhibited in numerous galleries and shows in NYC and Washington, DC some being: The New Museum, New York and the Corcoran, Washington, DC.

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