Join Studio SoHy as it present James Wine, and his new body of work created since his arrival in Hyattsville, in 2016.

This body of work represents Wine's study of meanders, a natural pattern that occurs in everything from coral, to the folds of the human brain. His interest in recurring patterns marks an eagerness in discovering what connects humans to the natural world.

These lines follow the path of least resistance, growing naturally and without pretense. It not only makes for a simple, and profound aesthetic principle, but also provides a chance for the artist to reflect and become lost in the process.

This is Wine’s first and last show in the DMV area. At the end of August, he will be moving to the west coast.

Studio SoHy

4327 Gallatin Street

Hyattsville, MD 20781

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Founded on the belief that communities thrive with ready access to art, Studio SoHy is committed to providing an open access space where artists and audiences can connect, collaborate and share ideas. In facilitating these exchanges, we hope to make our community a more vibrant and dynamic place to live and work. 

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